Laser hair removal by Skin Vision for tender and smooth skin

Our team will take care about the final removal of unwanted hair in the problematic areas.

Forget about the daily shaving and the constant feeling that your skin is rough from sprouting hairs. Put an end of the terrible pain from pulling the hairs out by epilator or from  the waxing, of the ingrown hairs and the annoying red pimples over the delicate skin. Say farewell to the time lost in hair removal attempts with short-lived result.

Choose the modern method for final hair removal by laser treatment. We, from Skin Vision, are here to provide the most efficient laser hair removal on the market beginning with detailed free consultation and continue with perfect performance of the procedure to finish with the most important –  your precious smiles from the achieved result.

We understand the dynamic tempo of the modern daily life. Therefore it is important for us to save a great lot of your time and this is possible because we chose to work with the fastest Alexandrite laser in the world Gengle Lase Pro.

Feel free to schedule a free consultation – it will be our pleasure to answer any question you may have and pay attention to everything that worries you. We shall be glad to make a free demo to become convinced in the efficiency of the laser hair removal with Gentle Lase Pro. Free consultation. Free demo.

Myth: Laser epilation causes skin cancer

The best of beauty

Fact: Laser epilation enters Bulgaria more than 20 years ago and no case of skin cancer has yet been reported as a result of epilation laser treatment. A prerequisite for the development of skin cancer is the ultraviolet rays

Myth: Laser epilation of the intimate area in women can damage the ovaries and causes infertility.

The best of beauty

Fact: It’s absolutely impossible. The impulse is so short that it penetrates only about 4mm in the dermis, reaches the hair and destroys it without affecting the surrounding tissues. It is impossible for the impulse to reach any internal organ.



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