Laser hair removal for women and men

Laser hair removal for women and men

The laser hair removal is a method that may ensure you a final removal of unwanted hair. The final laser hair removal is made by medical, sufficiently powerful equipment. It is obligatory to make a difference between final and lasting laser hair removal. The main difference is in the duration of the effect after the completed set of procedures. In order to achieve 90% reduction of the hairs there are three golden rules:

  • laser hair removal  shall be done  by proper  medical device
  • the operator should be competent and have adequate experience in the work with laser
  • correct laser settings consistent with the amounts  of melanin in the skin, thickness and colour of hair, health condition of your skin!

Every person is different and the approach to achieve final hair removal is strictly individual.

Why 6-8 procedures are needed to achieve an effect?

The hair growth cycle has 3 phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. All hairs in the anagen phase shall be destroyed. These are about 15-20% of the hairs at each treatment. It is important to observe the period recommended by the doctor as to be able to catch the hairs in the appropriate phase, and to  remove respectively. All hairs in the anagen phase shall be removed FOR EVER. No hair will from this sac.


How often shall the laser hair removal be done?  Is it necessary to come for maintenance treatments?

As mentioned above the hair has three phases as we are interested to catch its anagen phase. That means that the interval between the procedures for the facial area should be between 35-40 days and for larger areas of the body as legs and arms should be between 60 and 90 days. After  completion of the recommended package of procedures we guarantee 90% reduction of hair. If there are no hairs maintenance procedures are no needed.

Действие на лазера
Действие лазерна епилация

When shall I see the effect of the treatments?

The effect of the laser hair removal shall be seen after the first treatment.  All hairs will fall off about 10 days after the procedure after which you will have a period of 1-2 mouths without hairs depending on the area. The hairs over the treated area shall grow up thinner and reduced.  With every following treatment they will become less until their 90% final removal.  You are welcome to our place for free consultation to get detailed answers to all your questions related to laser hair removal and skin care.

How to prepare the area before the treatment?

The area shall be shaven on the day before the treatment. It is desirable  to have no hairs above the skin surface.  THAT DOES NOT APPLY FOR THE FACIAL AREAS ! The facial  areas as well as areas like areolas, abdomen are prepared by the physician on site and by no means get shaven.


What results shall I expect from the laser hair removal with Gentle lase pro?

Gentle lase pro is the most powerful Alexandrite laser in the world. The laser makes no compromise in the struggle against hairs. This is medical equipment and is operated by medical person. With every following treatment the hairs get thinner and are reduced to their final removal. A period without hair growth, after ending the treatment package, can be expected for few months up to 15 years! The period is changing in case you have hormone   imbalance.


Why to choose Skin Vision?

1. It is important for us that you get individual service in order to achieve maximum results together.

2. Loyalty to our customers

3. We make no compromise with the quality of the performed treatment.

4. The most important for us is your safety and convenience during the treatment. We do everything with love and care for you!

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