Често задавани въпроси

Tolerance to pain is individual for each person. The feeling is like slight pulling on the skin where the laser is working. The team of Skin Vision has taken care to minimize the feel of pulling for which contributes a machine blowing cold air of minus 30° C, that cools the skin and makes the laser hair removal comfortable and reliable procedure.

A visible result will be seen still after the first treatment. The hairs will fall off about 7-10 days after the procedure. After that there will be a period with no hair between month and a half and three months depending on the treated area. When the hairs begin to appear they will be thinner and much lesser.

You will become convinced yourselves that the laser hair removal (at that, by Alexandrite laser) is the most efficient method for removal of unwanted hair. The Alexandrite laser is operating at one wave length – 755 nm, using IR light which is absorbed only and solely by the melanin in the hair. It is not absorbed by other structures in the skin, which makes it the most efficient method for final laser hair removal. 

The IPL systems are using a broad spectrum of wave lengths. The energy emitted by the machine is spread into the skin but cannot be absorbed by the melanin in all hairs. This makes the photoepilation inefficient for removal of the unwanted hair.

There is no lower limit for laser hair removal.  In order to achieve maximum result from the treatment we recommend beginning at later puberty when the hormones have calmed down.

There is no risk for the pregnant woman or the baby but we rather do not recommend having laser hair removal because the hormone imbalance during the pregnancy is high, which will make the treatment not so effective.

If after completion of the set of procedures recommended by a medical expert there will be no hairs to appear, it is not necessary to have additional treatments. In absence of hormone imbalance there will be no hair growth for years. Of course this is strictly individual and depends on the constitution of the person.